How can you change the world?


Simply, by giving back to children who need your help.  Family to Family Humanitarian Expeditions (FFHE) will help you experience meaningful service helping starving children and their families in Mexico understand self reliance and help reach their potential.  Change your life while changing theirs!



Take a meaningful vacation with a purpose. It’s easy! Make personal contact with families who need your help. Family to Family Humanitarian Expeditions (FFHE) makes it happen!. Start with you and your family!  You will all come home changed and your kids will understand what it means to give.

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When these kids reach the age of 12 they graduate from the Albergue Shelter.  With no money for required uniforms they cannot continue on with their education.  Your purchase of a uniform will allow these kids to get an education. The chance to further their education and complete middle school is the only opportunity they have to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their family.

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Support an AlbErgue

Take a child under your wing.  Give them hope.  Your donations will help feed starving children by teaching them how to grow and harvest family gardens, buy hygiene kits, blankets, books and shoes for kids of the Albergue.  You will change the world with this simple gift!

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What is an ALBeRGUE?

Mexico does not have a welfare system similar to the system in the United States.  Albergue shelters are government shelters for children whose families experience extreme poverty. Prior to qualifying to stay at the shelter, these children do not receive adequate, food, shelter, education or emotional support in their homes. Each shelter houses up to fifty elementary aged children.

The Children of the Shelters

These children come to live at the shelter during the school year. The children arrive every Monday morning and live at the shelter until Friday afternoon. They receive meals, have their own bed, and attend school at a nearby elementary school.

The Families of the Children of the Albergue

Families, whose children qualify for attendance at the shelters, live near the shelter and lack the education and economic ability to assist in the development of their children.   

 The Albergue Shelters are run by a Maestra (manager/teacher), 2 tudors. (female teachers or social workers who leave their families and live with the children during the school year), and two cooks that come for an hour or two a day.  State government pays for the building, staff and some food but not much more.   (To the right - actual living conditions of the kids at home)

All children attend a local elementary school.  The kids clothes, shoes, underwear, hygiene and school supplies, and reading books are provided by donations from Family to Family Humanitarian Expeditions (FFHE). FFHE also provides educational classes in English, health and hygiene and other needed topics for the children and their parents.