Organizing a donation drive to donate items to FFHE is a great way to earn service hours for youth programs and organizations such as schools, churches and Boy/Girl Scouts. We recommend you include raising funds to ship the items to FFHE in Utah as part of your donation drive.

We will gladly provide supporting documents for your project that you many need to get it approved by your organization leaders. We will also send you a letter thanking you for your time and donations!

We have found in the past the most effective way for these items to be delivered is for the person who organized the donation drive to also attend an Expedition and deliver the donations in person to the children in Central Mexico.  This is a life changing event for the youth! However, we also know that is not possible for everyone. We will gladly accept your donations if you drop off or ship them to us and we will make sure to take photos of the children receiving the items for you.


  • Start with a clear goal! Know what it is that you are collecting!
  • Decide who/how/where/when you are collecting items.
  • Choose a date for the drive to start and end.
  • Decide who/how/where/when you are assembling the items.
  • Decide are you delivering the items to FFHE: drop off or shipping.
  • Document your process, from start to finish, in writing, photos and video!
  • We encourage you to send your photos to us and we will gladly share your
    experience on our website.

Here is a LINK from another organization on how to organize a school supply drive.