Who can go?
At FFHE we hope to give everyone, especially youth, an opportunity to work hard in a meaningful manner. In fact, one of the main reasons we started FFHE was for the benefit of our children. Whatever the age, if you are comfortable traveling to a third world country with your children, then you should most likely be comfortable taking them on an expedition. Children must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times.

Where do we go?
FFHE Expeditions are held within the state of Querétaro, Mexico.

Where do we stay?
In Tequisquiapan, we stay at the Hotel Miradoras our base location. When we travel to the Sierra Gordes** mountains we stay in other accomodations.

What do we eat?
Two meals/day are prepared for you and included in the fee. We eat at the Hotel Mirador and at the Alberges. You are responsible for one meal and snacks each day.

What do I bring?
There are no special requirements for clothing or equipment for the trip. However we do offer a few suggestions: 

Clothing needs to be modest and simple – short shorts, halter-tops, etc. are not acceptable for cultural reasons. Additionally, the temperatures are such that you’ll actually want to be well covered in light clothing or you may suffer serious sunburn..

If possible you should put all your essential items in a carry on bag. You will want to carry with you each day a backpack that holds water, snacks, and any personal items you might need since you might be some distance from your “home” for a large portion of the day.

You may be asked to bring additional items depending on the focus of the expedition.

What is the cost of an expedition?
2018 expedition cost is $950.00 (US dollars) per participant.

What does the expedition cost include?
Transportation from Mexico City Airport to and from Tequisquiapan is included, as well as transportation to and from the work sites. Also included are housing, drinking water and food for two meals/day.
*Each participant is responsible for their own airfare.

What if I need to change my expedition date?
If necessary, you may transfer to one of the other expeditions within the same calendar year.

How do I sign up?
All registration is done online. Please follow this Link for details  Expedition Registration

How old do I have to be to go alone?
Participants must be 18 years old to travel. If a minor is traveling with a school or other organization, a release form may be completed by both parents.

Is it required to speak Spanish?
Spanish is not a requirement to go. In fact, most of those who go with us on the trips do not speak Spanish. However, we do suggest you learn a few crucial phrases to help you get around and interact more with the people from the community. Each trip, we make sure to have a sufficient amount of Spanish speakers so that each work group has access to a translator.

What immunizations are required?
Follow the recommendations from your local county Health Department or physician.. Generally the Health Department has a travel nurse who can assist you in knowing what is needed for the location you are traveling to. Start the process early, as it may take some time to accomplish.

How much spending money do I need?
Typically you will need no more than $50-$75 (USD).

Where do I exchange money?
Do it here.  It is much less hassle to do at your own bank. If you would rather exchange it in Mexico, you can do it at the Mexico City Airport or at ATM’s in any city.